We design, develop, and deploy technology solutions.

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Our Focus

We design & develop qaulity products to help small & medium level business.
Mobile Apps

Mobile applications have become the new frontier of technology. Companies are using mobile devices to allow for greater connivence and usability of their services.

Web Apps

Web applications allow for companies to build programs that are accessible anywhere in the world regardless of device or OS through a web browser.

The Cloud

Moving your system to the cloud allows you to have greater scalability while lowering your overhead costs. Cloud solutions are great for small & large companies.


Wether you need to deploy a SharePoint server or Dynamics, we have a skilled team of certified Microsoft professionals that can help implement Microsoft software.

  • Project Management

We have worked with everyone from startups to Fortune 500 companies. They are all saying great things about us.

About US

We design & develop qaulity products to help small & medium level business.
Developing Amazing Things with Passion since 2009.

We work with companies to design, develop, and deploy innovative ways to solve problems they are facing. Our first step is to get a full idea of the problem you are facing. Once we fully understand the problem we start our research stage.

Lucid21 will then work with you to develop and quickly deploy a solution into your company. Our full-service approach allows for companies to focus on what they do best while Lucid21 focuses on what they do best: technology.

  • Research

    We sit down with your team to figure out the exact requirements of what you need.

  • Design

    We design the UI & UX of the design to make sure it is intuitive.

  • Development

    We develop and test the solution across multiple systems.

  • Deployment

    We work with your company to help deploy the software and/or hardware.

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Our Philosophy

We design & develop qaulity products to help small & medium size business.
Design with Love

We take time to design software and programs that make it both beautiful and usable.

Creative Features

We work with you to come up with the best solution for your goals. Our collaborative process allows for the most innovative ideas to come to light.

Tailored to You

All of our development is customized to your needs. We look into your needs and find the best solutions for them.

Agile Development

We use agile development methodologies so that we can quickly get your solution to production.

Clean Strategy

Our services give you a clear plan that will enable you to utilize technology to help companies grow.

Awesome Support

We are always available for your questions. Via phone, email, text, and Skype, we are always able to chat.

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